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Project Organization "AcademStroyProekt" Co.Ltd was established in January 2010 on the basis of an architectural bureau Lotarev Artur (Artur Lotarev Architect). The company is a member of the SRO-Profit Partnership "The Guild designers Siberia" and has a tolerance for all types of design work on buildings and structures of the normal level of responsibility, including acting as the general designer (№ CPO-P-51-5406561503-02042010-00132).

Chief Architect - Lotarev Artur, Member of the Union of Architects of Russia.

Currently the company on a permanent or contractual basis, employs about 30 people, including 14 of Chartered Architects. Over the years our staff has accumulated extensive experience in implementing all kinds of design works of major residential, public and mixed-use buildings and complexes, as well as their coordination in all necessary instances.

In the state of the company are specialists in the training and internships in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Austria and the UK.

There are strong and long partnership with the largest engineering, design and consulting companies of Novosibirsk.

Conducted joint project of the famous architectural firm of the world AEDAS.

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We are believe that building the world around him and accept full responsibility for this. How often in the design process, we reflect on the subsequent fate of their facilities? Can we, then, in all this to live or have to close my eyes and adjust to the fact that they had created their own hands, thoughts, actions or inaction?

Architecture can greatly change the space around them, to change society. Architecture - not just buildings and structures, a process that simultaneously affect the rights and depends on its development. I believe that architecture is not static in nature. It is - a dynamic, because there is always a soul. This is the invisible energy that created the "spirit of place" and force people whose teamwork manifests itself in tangible form. This is the result of joint work of architects, clients, engineers, builders, economists, etc.

In addition, to obtain a decent result is always important to have ideas. She is born in the constant search for compromise components of our being, searching the faces of contact between the various elements of space and time. The idea - is the cornerstone, the foundation of our solutions, in which we invest our time, energy and love. In conjunction with the professionalism, expertise and knowledge of modern technology, the idea is implemented as a whole, complete image.

As always remember this, you get joy and satisfaction both from the creative process of design and construction, and from the result.


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